Broken forum (May/June 2022)

Appreciate this has been mentioned tagged onto a similar topic but i have created this topic with a short heading so that mobile users can read it, so if you think your mobile browser is playing up, its not, the forum has been broken for mobile users for about 3 weeks now

If you need to create a new post or navigate in a somewhat clunky way, tap the 3 lines top right of screen, scroll to bottom and select desktop view, that should let you access features currently unavailable in mobile view


@nayelyz @SamsungZell @jody.albritton

I know this isn’t your area, but since you do use this forum as part of your duties, do you know which SmartThings employee is currently responsible for managing the settings on the Discourse software for this forum?

I know the software is written by Discourse, not SmartThings. Many companies use it. But there has to be someone who has community administrator permissions to choose the settings for this forum, and that’s the person who should be looking into why this broke recently. (I am not seeing the problem on other Discourse sites, so I suspect it’s just a settings issue.)

If you know who it is, could you let them know about this thread? Thanks!


We already created a report for the corresponding team and are escalating it. We’ll keep you updated.

CC @andresg


Sorry JD, had to change the title as your addition created a title that ran off the screen


blame it on the broken forum :slight_smile:


That was the point of my original short title, With the additional dates added Ironically it became less obvious to users

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In the past I’ve reported issue directly to Discourse and they’ve fixed it. I believe it’s maintained by them.

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Emailed the Discourse team, they are now aware of the issue BUT they require Smartthings to contact them !!

The wait continues sadly

Thank you for sharing this. I already mentioned that to the team to see how they can make that happen.


Ok so a solution to the forum problem is possible, there is some custom CSS that has been added to the forum but it has issues


What if before deploying any changes to the public it would be tested locally? Like with a Samsung Galaxy Book and with a Samsung Galaxy phone?

Just saying, because when I last checked on a PC it was borked as well.

Lets just hope it gets resolved soon, the issue has been identified and a fix can be applied. There are enough highly skilled devs capable of a CSS fix

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Really !!! I rarely go near my Pc unless i use the CLI so had no idea, glad to be retired from the electronic Anchor :grin:

I’ll just put this here…(tiptoes quietly away :wink:)

“We had a fundamental belief that doing it right the first time was going to be easier than having to go back and fix it. And I cannot say strongly enough that the repercussions of that attitude are staggering. I’ve seen them again and again throughout my business life.” – Steve Jobs.


That doesn’t sound too agile… :rofl:

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light the fuse and tip toe away sniggering more like :rofl:


In fairness, it could simply be
existing custom code borked by a Discourse update


It could be the ‘Next (next) big thing is coming’ so not worth fixing as is…

Who knows ?

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It could indeed simply be existing code borked by a Discourse update. I rather hope it is. However I think ST have raised the fairness bar really high on this one and are are being let off very lightly under the circumstances, though we mustn’t shoot the messengers.


Hello, everybody

These interface issues were finally fixed. Please, let us know if there is anything still not being shown properly.

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Ironic JD

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