Updated Edge Drivers for ThirdReality Multifunction Sensor, Button, and Contact Sensor

I bought this Third Reality Multifunction night light & sensor (it is a plug in Zigbee device with a night light, motion sensor, and illuminance lux sensor in one).
Initially, I could not find the Smartthings Edge driver for it on this forum, so reached out to ThirdReality support and here’s the one they shared, saying it’s their latest one: Samsung account .

For the multi-function night light & sensor I used the Zigbee Switch driver from that channel and it allowed me to control the night light color as well as get motion sensor and illuminance sensor status. (After installing the Third Reality Zigbee Switch edge driver, and pairing the device, I went to the device settings in Smartthings and changed the driver to the ThirdReality Zigbee Switch one).

That channel also includes edge drivers for the ThirdReality contact sensor and button.