[ST EDGE] Third Reality Smart Button (3RSB22BZ)

Added support for the Zigbee Third Reality Smart Button model 3RSB22BZ. This device supports pressed, double pressed and held button actions.

If you’re interested in trying it (consider it in beta just like the rest of the Edge drivers), please sign up here:

The driver is a amalgamation of the stock Edge Zigbee Button drivers with support for the Third Reality button device added alongside. I will continue to update against the base driver from ST and release as needed.

  1. Use the invite CStup Edge Driver Invitation
  2. Enroll your hub
  3. Click “Available Drivers”
  4. Click the “Install” button on Zigbee Button CS
  5. In the mobile app, pair your device using + Device → Scan for nearby devices
  6. Press and hold the reset button. Hold until the LED goes solid, this will force a reset/join. The LED will continue blinking to indicate its pairing.
  7. Device should be added within 30 seconds.
  8. If you like this driver and want to buy me a coffee, thanks!

Please let me know any questions or suggestions!


Installed as soon as i saw the post.

Working great for me.

Hi @csstup Tried this. Device was added as you described but the actions are not performed after I setup the press to turn on/off a light

Its likely due to the Zigbee button issues others are having over the last day or two. Its all over this forum.

My dev unit (paired weeks ago when I worked on this driver) was marked as “ONLINE” but no longer responded in any way. I re-paired it and it works fine. My development hub is running firmware 45.00009.

Thanks. Mine is still on 44xxx

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I had the button running in another location and could not figure out why not at this location. Works great.

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This worked for me! Thanks @csstup

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Thank you! This Driver worked to fix the Third Reality Smart Button for me.

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Thank you, this made my button work again!! Your instructions were great as well!

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Do you have all 3 actions on your button? I’ve been using this driver since I got my buttons and it’s been perfect, but recently they all stopped working. I’ve tried pairing them again using this driver and also the new one that came out last week, and I can’t get it to register anything other than a single press. I never had this issue before and it’s driving me nuts!

All buttons work for me.

Is your device in “Amazon Echo” mode? When you pair it, does the light blink a single color or two?

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Ooh I didn’t even know Amazon Echo mode was a thing! It blinks blue and red in pairing. I have a 4th gen Echo and an Aeotec hub if that makes a difference

Its in “Echo mode”. Press and hold the pairing button AND the action button for 5 seconds to switch back to regular mode. It will blink only in blue when pairing normally.

Note that i spent a few minutes looking into seeing if the driver could support both modes, but the device ONLY sends pressed events. There must be another sequence needed to unlock pressed2x and hold when in echo mode but I didn’t have time to do a packet trace when connected to an Echo.

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Omg THANK YOU!! It worked immediately! That explains why some of my buttons still worked and others didn’t when they’re all on the same driver. I thought I was losing it lol. I appreciate the help!

FYI. The amazon site for the button has a link to a pdf file from Third Reality. I tried it on several devices, worked fine.