Edge Driver for Third Reality Zigbee Devices?

I have 4 motion sensors and 3 door contacts, all by Third Reality. None of them work anymore. They all say Offline. I’ve tried to reset them and reinstall them. But they won’t show up.
Are they now obsolete? I would think they’d work with the Zigbee Device Edge Driver.
Thoughts? Maybe I’m missing something simple.

Search in the below topic and if you dont find anything reply in that topic and someone will help you. There are Edge drivers for a lot of the Third Reality devices.

I have seen it written that Third Reality motion sensors work with the “Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc” Edge Driver by @Mariano_Colmenarejo.

You could also try one of his drivers for the contact sensors

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I have six. All work with the standard (ST?) drive, Zigbee Motion Sensor.

I have multiple Zigbee Third Reality motion and leak sensors. All installed sensors are working (edge driver zigbee drivers develop by SmartThings). My problem is I am unable to add a new Third Reality motion sensor. ST no longer detects the sensor. This happens after the end of Groovy. Anybody got this problem.

Did you end up resolving this? I bought a couple of Third Reality leak sensors since they said it worked with Smartthings, but they aren’t detected at all.

I had this problem. For me the solution was to reset the sensor; there is a small black button for this on the inside just above the batteries. Hold that button for a few seconds and the led will flash blue. After I did this the standard “Scan for Devices” found it right away.