Issue with ThirdReality door window ZigBee sensor - ST not seeing it

Hi everybody,

Just got two Third Reality open-close door / window sensors today and my ST 3.0 hub… won’t see it? Not even as a generic device.

I tried it with my Home Assistant to see if it was defective or not, and HA picked it up smoothly. I’d rather keep it under ST as I’m just playing with HT.

Any advice? The product description says ST compatible but I never thought to check.


reset the sensor, and choose Add Device > Scan for nearby devices instead of choosing By brand

that one should be covered by the stock Edge driver

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My Third Reality contact sensor is using the ‘Zigbee Contact’ driver from the SmartThings Driver (Beta) channel


Thanks / tried the 2nd one and it worked, will reset the 1st one later.

How does one access the beta edge drivers?

SmartThings Edge Beta channel with this link:

for Community developed Edge Drivers, a link is generally in the first post of the thread from the developer

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Thanks again!

A Third Reality Contact sensor Edge Driver has been developed to enable the use of the sensor in the new SmartThings Lua based Edge environment. This Edge Driver will allow the sensor to operate locally without the need to communicate via the cloud.

  1. If you have already installed the Third Reality Contact sensor you will need to delete the sensor and then reinstall it to enable the Edge Driver.

  2. With the deletion of the Third Reality Contact sensor you may now accept the SmartThings Drivers Channel (Beta) for Third Reality Contact Sensor

  3. After clicking the driver channel link you will be required to sign into your Samsung SmartThings Account.

  4. Next you must then select ‘Accept’ to confirm your acceptance of the Channel invitation.

  5. After accepting the channel invitation, choose your target hub and select ‘Enroll’. Note: Sometimes you must to click the button multiple times.

  6. Next, click on “Available Drivers” and select “Install” to install the ‘Zigbee Contact’ driver.

  7. You can verify the installed driver by going to your SmartThings App, find your SmartThings Hub within the ‘Devices’ tab and then click on your Hub. Then while in your Hub’s device screen, select the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner and then click on the word “Driver” from the dropdown list. You will then be able to view a list of all of your installed Edge Channels and Edge Drivers.

  8. After confirming the installation of the new Third Contact sensor Edge Driver you may now add your device back into SmartThings App by scanning for nearby devices within your SmartThings App

  9. Once the SmartThings App discovers your Third Reality Contact sensor, click on your device and then while in the device screen, click on the ellipsis to confirm that the dropdown list now contains the word “Driver”. The presence of the word ‘Driver’ confirms that edge driver is successfully installed for your device.

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