Update Webcore

Can someone please post a step bu step tutorial on how to update webcore? All I see is directions on how to install. Reason for asking is none of my pistons are processing push notifications.

instructions for updating webcore:

as for push notifications… you need to use the following in your piston:
send push notification (msg) and store in messages


Thanks, all of my piston push have always been set to true store in messages

all of my webcore in ide are green, so does that mean I am up to date? I can’t remember last time I did an update

there was an optional update released a few days ago :slight_smile:

colors in IDE:

Indicates that the file is unchanged between your forked GitHub repository and the IDE.
Indicates that the file is in the IDE only, and not in any repository.
Indicates that the file exists in your GitHub repository, and has been modified in the IDE but not committed to the repository.
Indicates that the file has been updated in the repository, but not in the IDE. To resolve this, you should click the Update from Repo button, where you sill see the file appear in the Obsolete column. More information about the Update from Repo button can be found below.
Both the IDE version and repository version have been updated, and are in need of a conflict resolution. To resolve this, you should click the Update from Repo button and follow the steps there (more information about the Update from Repo action can be found below).
Indicates that the SmartApp or Device Handler is unattached to the repository version. Typically this happens when a new SmartApp or Device Handler is created from a template, and the name or namespace hasn’t been changed. If you update from the repo without changing the name or namespace, the IDE version will be replaced with the repo version. Typically in this case you would change the name and namespace to be unique for your code.

for you… green means you did a manual install and did not add a github repository


Thanks but I have no idea on how to do the repository

How do I get the webcore master into a repository. It’s not in my list when I click on Update from Repository

I think it should be there if you followed installation instructions ? I dont remember adding it separately.


I followed the instructions but at step 11 webcore groovy is not in the New only in GitHub box. In fact all of the boxes are empty

Now that you have added the repositories, go to the SmartApps section in IDE. For each of the 4 webcore smartapps you have installed, click on the icon (screenshot-graph.api.smartthings.com-2021.02.07-18_41_53 ) to the left of the Name. Scroll down to the Source Code Options section. From the pull-down next to GitHub Repository: select webCoRE (master) and click update at the bottom of the screen. Repeat for the remaining 3 webcore Smartapps.

I guess if I am to load repositories, where are they, how to find them, and what do they look like? Really struggling here as the 4 sections of webcore that I originally loaded 2 years ago were from code, and are all green in my ide… Any help on how to load them would be really appreciated

You mentioned you got to step 11… correct? if you got that far, then steps 4-8 were the parts where you added the repositories for webcore.

if you did add them… next follow the steps I outlined above. After completing that… you can click on “update from Repo” to update webcore

I updated the 4 apps and they all are black on the ide, but this is what I am getting on all my pistons:
WARNING: Results may be unreliable because the child app’s version (v0.3.113.20210203) is newer than the parent app’s version (v0.3.10a.20190223). Please consider updating both apps to the same version.
Any thoughts?

you can try a hard reload of your webcore dashboard. If you continue seeing this issue, post on the webcore forum and they will help you

you did update all 4 webcore smartapps in IDE?

Not sure what you mean by hard reload of dashboard?

refresh the page in your browser

Did that, no go. I just posted the problem on Webcore forum. Must be one of the 4 parts is wrong version. If I wrote down all of my piston backup codes, if I totally delete the app, will all my pistons be gone forever when I try to totall reload webcore?

talk to the experts on the webcore forum before you undertake any drastic measures

Thanks for all the advice and assistance, much appreciated. I was so close on updating, but one of those 4 parts is the wrong version