Update of Andriod app to 2.1.0 = totally broken app!

(Tony Snowdon) #1

Hi everyone.

The recent update of the Android app to version 2.1.0 has completely broken the app on my phone. Despite several e-mails to ST support I have received no useful help and as this has been going on for several weeks now I was hoping someone out there would have an apk file for the previous version they could share with me.

Thanks in advance.


Sounds frustrating. There seem to be a few older versions available from http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/smartthings/. If you’re looking for a different version, I’d suggest a Google search for the specific version in which you’re interested.

(Larry) #3

not surprised… my guess is the release was scheduled and all the developers working on it were pulled off to handle the more serious issues of database replication delay, corruption and the new scheduler.

(Ron) #4

What do you mean by completely broken ? My HTC One M7 seems to be working pretty well with 2.1.0. I mean as well as can be expected from Smart Things of course.

I have 2.0.7 if you want it. 2.0.8 was complete junk for me so I reverted to 2.0.7 until 2.1.0 came out and seems to work about the same as 2.0.7 for me.

(Tony Snowdon) #5

Well despite uninstalling and re-installing the app several times, when I try to launch it all that happens is the screen goes completely white for a couple of seconds, then goes completely black and finally a message is displayed stating that “unfortunately Smartthings has stopped.” To me that is totally broken.

I have seen a few websites with apk files but thought it may be slightly safer to ask the folks here. If you can let me have 2.0.7 that would be great!

(Phil Panfili) #6

Is anyone else unable to get notifications from the app. Since the latest update I get no push notifications, and I cannot figure out how to fix.

(Mike Maxwell) #7

What android version?, app version 2.x.x crashes like a mo for on android 4.x

(Tony Snowdon) #8

The Android version running on my phone is 4.1.2. Prior to the last update it was working fine.

(Ron) #9

Perhaps you turned them off at one point ? Try looking in the Setup->Applications->SmartThings and see if you have it set to allow notifications.

(Steven Wood) #10

since getting this update both mine and my partners android phone report us as not present when we are?


the last android update broke my android tab also. it just goes white then stops responding. I uninstalled then rolled back to an older version and its working again.

(Nomad The) #12

completely broken here as well. white screen, then dark and “stopped” error. Android 4.1.2
Totally useless now, along with several hundred dollars of sensors.