Update for the Harmony app to work with the new smart things

I haven’t done the new linking to ST from Harmony but I have updated my iOS Harmony app and updated the firmware on all four of my Harmony hubs/remotes. Nothing bricked and things seem okay.

Very much enjoying @lmullineux’s Edge driver. I just had to redo some activities and his driver picked them right up with no issues at all.

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Did you have to redo some of your Harmony activities because of the firmware updates to Harmony?

Or is that completely unrelated.

Personally no issues with the Harmony firmware update as such, just the ST integration overwhelming it :face_with_monocle:

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It was unrelated.

I just used my Harmony app on my Android device to re-login to my Smartthings account. My Elite remote is back to controlling my ST home devices again via activites and custom remote buttons. Not seeing any problems yet.

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Ok, seeing problems. The remote response is lagging. I had to delete my ST devices from the Harmony app to regain sanity. ST needs to support granting access to individual devices, or Logitech needs to allow users to delete the devices from the Harmony app after they are synchronized. The only other approach is to set up a second ST location with only the devices you want to control from the Harmony activities and remote buttons. I’m sure doing that would come with its own set of challenges.


Same as others, as soon as I re-linked Smartthings, my hub goes offline intermittenly, my device lags horribly and will suddenly fire off all commands at once. I’ve ended up removing Smartthings from my Harmony hub and built automations to trigger my Smartthings stuff using HomeAssistant instead based on the hub status in HA.
I’d rather have Smartthings integration directly in Harmony, but I need to keep the wife and kids happy using the remote so until I see here that people have it working flawless, my HomeAssistant temporarly solution will stay in place.

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This seems like an extra step. @lmullineux’s Harmony Bridge driver will accomplish this within SmartThings, without the extra step of Home Assistant. I’ve been using it for close to a year and it’s flawless.

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Hello, the same thing is happening with me with the new Smartthings in the Harmony app. Are you using Home Assistant to automate the Home Control buttons as well? If so how exactly are you mapping the buttons? I am trying to figure out a clean way to do this without linking Smartthings in the Harmony app.

No sorry, not doing that. Just set up automations that watch for activity start/end and then triggering actions. For instance, when i press “PC game” activity on my remote, HA sees this turn on, then runs a WoL command to my computer. When I turn it off or say switch to TV, it send a SoL command and also turns on my Virgin Stream box (with an IP command using Emulated Roku). Happy to share more details if needed.