Smartthings and Harmony home

Hi I’d like to report a bug on Harmony App I installed logitech harmony hub control to power off or power on activities when I active anyway power on a activitie or power off the remote control or the app will not respond anymore until I power the harmony hub off and turn back on removing power wire.

I already tried to install and unistall twice abd not success.

I had the same issue last weekend. I ended up not being able to issue any commands to all of my devices from the Harmony Remote, SmartThings mobile app and with SmartApps. Support pushed a firmware update to my hub in response to the issue, but I didn’t retest adding SmartThings back to my Harmony Remote. Since then I got another firmware update pushed to my SmartThings hub to enable support for GE Link bulbs. I just retested the integration, and I am now able to add SmartThings to my Harmony Remote without my SmartThings hub freaking out.