Update c2c-fan-controller-x-speed device handler

How would one request updates or enhancements to the default cloud-2-cloud drivers that are built into SmartThings?

I have a half dozen 6-speed Minka Aire, Bond enabled, ceiling fans that work great but the only options for device handlers are from 2-speed to 4-speed. These get auto-added with the Bond integration where most of the time it selects the 3-speed but sometimes the 4-speed handler. Again, they work but the control is not great since the 1st Speed setting in the App is Off and not selectable. So technically, a 4-speed handler is really only 3 speeds + Off. Off—Low—Medium—High.

Any help or suggestions on how to request updates on these is appreciated.

These integrations are normally provided by the device manufacturer now, so they are the ones you ask. They aren’t really built into smartthings, they are built by the manufacturer and then smartthings approves them for publication. But Samsung no longer does that coding for most devices. So you would contact Bond for feature requests.

@JDRoberts Thank you for the information. I’ll reach out to Bond for assistance.

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I reached out to Bond Support and their reply was:

“Samsung (SmartThings) currently supports 3 speeds (Lowe-Med-High) and we haven’t received any information if or when they can support more fan speeds.”

So I guess ST only supports the three speeds and manufacturers use the base device handlers to build and publish their own DH.

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