Two Ceiling Fans as One Device?

Hi everyone,

I have two Minka Aire ceiling fans in my living rooms that I’d like to connect to ST, specifically they are the 54" Java fans. The fans are connected to a wall switch and daisy-chained together. When I use the supplied remote, sending a command controls both (as expected).

I’d like to see if there are recommendations for the best way, along with specific products, to add this as a single device in my ST so they show up as one device. It doesn’t need to worry about light control, since the fans do not have lights, but I’d like to control the three speeds, along with on/off. I’m unsure whether I need to buy two fan controllers or if there’s a way I can do this with just one.

I’m expecting to hook this into my Google Home (via the cast-web-api node.js) and Siri (via Homebridge)

Any recommendations or thoughts from the experts? Thank you in advance!

Installation Manual
Product Specifications

If one device to control two fans is important, you could look in to Bond. It’s only an indirect integration with IFTTT I believe, but there’s an active thread in this forum.