Z-Wave 4 Speed Fan Control

Hey there, I’m new SmartThings in general, but I’m a software engineer by trade so writing custom device handlers seems pretty straightforward to me.

I just got a HomeSeer HS-FC200+ fan controller and used a custom DTH I found here to control it:

Now I’m using this in 4 speed mode, so I modified the code a bit to allow for 4 different power levels which works great. The app works fine in the old smart things app, but in the newer app, it only shows as a dimmer. That technically works, but I’d prefere buttons or a staged slider. So I went looking for other DTH options. I found the built in “Z-Wave Fan Controller” handler which seems to work in the new app as well as the old. It gives you a nice 4 position slider (0-3) to control things. Of couse I want 4 speeds (0-4) on the slider, so I found the code in Github and got to customizing again:

Even if I use this code as a custom DTH as-is, it won’t even load the UI in the new smart things app. It claims there was a server error and won’t let me control the fan. Does anyone have any idea how this code linkned above would different from the built in option? My assumption is that it should be identical.

I believe one of the current limitations of the new ST app is the inability to use custom device handlers.

This is painfully incorrect

Hey Geoff, i’ll leave here a link to where you can get technical support and solve any of your doubts.

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