Upcoming Visual Updates

Flattening the icons seems like a relatively subtle change. Is that what you meant?

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That’s a start. Would there be anyway to show when the object is on by changing it to another color when so.

Yes, the blue icons are actually shortcuts. The real widgets are grey/yellow to depict state.

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OK if those have the same treatment that would be cool

If you’re on Android, there’s a new Google app that lets you control your phone with voice

@david.mccrindle any (even rough) estimated when the iOS app will get this update? Trying to design balanced UIs with things being non consistent is somewhat tricky …

I know updates take time but could we at least have a tactical fix until a long term fix is produced. It was pointed out some time ago and I would have expected a fix on the last release. As someone who works with people with accessibility requirements I find it frustrating seeing basic requirements like this forgotten about.

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It was submitted to the app store so it should show up soon!

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Agreed. It is frustrating. We dropped the ball but we’ll get better.

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Hi @david.mccrindle
Just a quick question. I’m on IOS and I have a d-link camera. When I go to the room view I cannot see the camera like shown in the first post. Could you please explain to me how you can do this.

<RANT>Urgh the Apple app store is the bane of my existence sometimes. Recently they declined an app submission for something that’s been accepted 16 times in the past and it’s all down to interpretation of their submission guidelines. On top of that, I’ve had apps approved within 20 minutes of submission one time and THE SAME app taking 3 weeks for a bug fix submission.</RANT>

It has to be set as the featured device in the room. I’m not sure if is camera dependent though because I have the smart cam.

really like that changes. rectangular buttons a big plus, fits the line item spacing, maybe allows more devices displayed per page? really like the fonts size changes - I can now see device status, color is better too. now that I’ve read the other improvements I’ll go exploring. thank you


I also like having the mode displayed without having to tap the hamburger menu, and so here’s a device/app to switch modes and show current mode in the Things list

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Thanks for the heads up! Going to get it now. :grinning:

Almost four months later, yet still a problem.

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Thanks for the info, @tobycth3. @garrett: Who can take care of this for us, since @david.mccrindle is no longer able to assist?

It’s in the queue, but got lowered in priority for a few other big rocks that are coming (no announcements). Shoot a note over to support and we’ll flag this as a trending feature request.

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Do tell, it’s Sunday, no one at ST sees your post they are off today … :wink: :wink: