Unwanted Push Notifications

I have “My Contacts” set up with SmartThings and have been using the contacts to send push notifications for various Smart Apps & through WebCoRe. If I set up the Smart App or Piston to send a notification to myself, my wife gets the push notification as well. If I send the notification to my wife, I get the notification as well & lastly, if I send the notification to both of us, we both get 2x notifications. I set up her phone via invite and with her own log in. She does not have my Google or Samsung acct on her phone either. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know how to fix it? Below is a link to the WebCoRe forum with additional info where I’ve tried to sort this out with @bangali. He has helped to confirm ST is seeing the contacts but still unsure why every notification is going to all contacts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!