How to Tame Notifications

This is my first post after lurking for a few days. I just bought and setup my ST v2 Hub 5 days ago and almost returned it until I came across webCore! This really is a phenomenal tool. The easily available SmartApps did not support my Aeotec sensors nor my need to have customizable schedules. After finding webCore I’ve converted all of my schedules (from prior home automation hub) to Pistons easily and this is where I’ve hit my first sang.

My wife and kids are complaining about all the Push notifications I’m sending. So I decided to switch from sending Send PUSH (which went to all mobile devices) to using Send Notification to Contacts. After finding the hidden page in the IDE to create contacts I created a contact for each of us. But the Contacts are not enumerating when I try to select a Contact in the Send Notification to Contacts screen in webCore. I just get “No Available Contacts”.

I’ve read where other users are able to use Contacts and I’m wondering if there is a step I’m missing?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Did you add the contacts in the webCORE app on your phone to the available contacts in the Settings?


Ah! That was it. I had added all of my devices but skipped over Contacts. Thanks!

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@DCIFan where in the iDE did you go to set up your contacts? I can’t find it.


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I found this in another thread–sorry I don’t have it available to provide proper credit.

I’ve read where the Contact list was removed at some point, but I’m not sure when or why, so proceed at your own risk. You can access it manually following these steps:

  1. Log into IDE
  2. Click My Locations, and the name of the location where you want to add Contacts
  3. Click the link to the right of Account
  4. Leaving what’s before AND after /account/show/ in the URI, replace with just /contact/

I was then able to add my family as contacts, add them through webCoRE SmartApp, and then use the Send Notification to Contact action to selectively send PUSH notifications to their mobile phones. Works great for me.


Where is this page?

Ron, explained in the post right above yours.

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Well I be! Hot Dog!!! WooT!

Why isn’t this standard? Come On! Really? Thanks for making my morning!

it’s case sensitive for me at least, /contact/

I don’t find any link to the right of account.

Thanks Michael_D.

Adjusted post to match case.

Jwwhite…what I see in my ST IDE, after clicking on the top link for My Locations, and then the link for my location, is a page with the information for my location. The first line item is “Account” and the data to the right is formatted like “(username)'s Account”, and is a clickable link.

Do you not see a clickable link there?

One note: I will sometimes see the sections in the IDE act like there is no data available. When that happens I start on My Locations link and click to the right on My Hubs, My Devices, and My SmartApps. As each page in turn loads the IDE then remembers my settings. Maybe try that and then run the steps outlined in the post to access the hidden Contacts page?

Anyone else know why he might be missing the link next to Account line item?

I got it finally. I had the link, but wasn’t understanding what to do after that. I guess I was looking for something within the page. After re-reading the instructions I realized it was the URL that had to change.

When adding contacts, Does the push work based on phone number? The ST app is on both my phones and my wifes. I just want some notifications to mine, whereas most of the general stuff should go to both.

Thanks for all the help.

My contacts was a feature that was implemented and then removed because of issues and ST never fixed the issues. For those of you that just turned it on be aware that you will no longer receive certain notifications as mentioned here:

I don’t know about the hub offline and low battery. But my SHM now has the ability to select contacts for the push notifications.