Unresponsive Things - Has anyone noticed this?

Along with many others I’ve had issues with Things regularly becoming unresponsive or routines not firing but I’ve noticed now that when something does it always reports in the status as 88% battery and 17.66 degrees c in temperature. This is regardless of whether it’s a (wemo) light bulb or a Samsung motion sensor or Samsung multipurpose Sensor, I’ve had all 3 of them do this.
In each case I have to reset the sensor or bulb which fixes it, until it happens again.
Has anyone else noticed this?
To add with automation reliability I’ve noticed that using the smart lighting SmartApp is much more reliable than setting lighting automation in routines…

I keep having issues with lights not shutting off when I schedule them to. I just sent in another support ticket a few minutes ago. I really hope they make some changes to the scheduler soon as this is very frustrating.

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Yes. This problem has been going on for some time now. For instance:

I’m not sure if battery levels or temperature figures into this problem. That may just be a coincidence.

My problems with the scheduling seems to have started when the big update happened when the new hub was released. I can not see any pattern to when the schedule works/doesn’t work

You have a light bulb reporting battery?

That sounds like database corruption, I would definitely report it to support.

Yes, I have had a good 2 months with no issues, and now within 2 days, I have had 3 motions sensors stuck showing motion, false motion sensor triggering, presence sensor stuck showing present, missed set Home at a certain time and not setting away when all presence sensors have left!

Very strange indeed!

My bad, it’s just the sensors reporting those stats. I got my wemos mixed up with my sensors when thinking about things becoming unresponsive

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