Reliability issues 2 (June 2017)

Hey has anyone had any issues lately with devices and pistons , i have a number of time scheduled pistons that are firing when they shouldnt be and devices not responding , also i have battery reporting issues on a smartthings presance sensor that is giving wildly different battery levels etc , is it just me ?

I haven’t noticed anything related to pistons firing when they shouldn’t, but I had several zigbee and zwave devices drop randomly yesterday evening (items that have had no issues for 6+ months). Coincidentally, though, I have just one SmartThings presence sensor also that just started giving strange (15%) battery levels today.

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None so far here… I had a temperature sensor drop, but I just think thats the battery more than anything.

I have had major reliability issues the last 2 days on multiple brands and types of devices. Going unavailable, inconsistent performance when available.


I’ve had to factory reset quite a few ST multi sensors recently, which is unusual. I also have a motion sensor that’s consistently dropping offline.

Also have some GE Link bulbs that are locking up quite often, but that’s nothing new.

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I’ve got a number of Aeon Labs multi-sensors that drop offline randomly. I think out of 5 sensors 3 of them dropped offline. All within an hour it seems, but they come back too.

I’ve been having all sorts of issues with my SmartThings motion/door sensors. Pretty much every one has gone offline in the last 2 days. Pulling the battery only seems to work about 50% of the time for fixing the issue. Other sensor or device has had any issues so far.

Going to throw my hat into this ring here. I have a large percentage of my Z-Wave devices that like to become unavailable or just generally stop responding randomly. I thought it might be related to 2 Zooz dimmers I recently added, but now that I see this post, perhaps not. I’ve had a water sensor trigger randomly and a contact sensor report a door was opened on a few occasions, too. I’ve restarted my v1 hub and ran a Z-Wave network repair but nothing seems to restore reliability.

I’m having a lot of issues, but only with SmartThings Motion/door sensors. All my other multi sensors and devices are working just fine. Right now 8 of my nine SmartThings sensors are offline. Just started last 2-3 days and is wildly frustrating. Taking the battery out only fixes the issue less than 50% of the time, so I’ve stopped doing that. I’ve rebooted my hub, not sure what else to do other than just hope it clears up soon.

I’ve got two devices not responding right now…and it just started today. Something has changed…my system has been rock-solid for 6 months.

And just like that, things are working again. I had to pop the batteries out last night one last time and things have stayed online. Fingers crossed that stays that way.

Best of luck with it josh , im going to give robin winbourne’s solution a go , he’s always fairly spot on with these things

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I’m keeping my fingers crossed it holds. I emailed support and they suggested that I should change all the batteries. None of my batteries are below 70%, so I find that a little hard to believe that is the problem. Something happened, it was only SmartThings sensors and only for a couple days.

I’m having similar issue too and while things have been a little off for nearly a week it was in the past 48 hours things started going haywire. I’ve got items dropping or failing to update their status randomly. For me it’s been door sensors, garage door opener (1 of 2) Aeon siren and a Iris wall wart switch. I may try the suggestion above to disable the health status. Like others my system has been pretty rock solid for many many months. This all came on suddenly, my first thought was due to the quick onset and widespread randomness of the items I assumed there was a firmware update.

I have also been having these issues, I think it’s been about a week now. Disabling device health had no effect on the issues for me.