Unlock Interior Door When Garage Door Opens

Hello SmartThings Community!

I’ve hunted around and contacted SmartThings support and have been unable to locate a SmartApp that will allow me to execute the following: When my garage door opens (virtual open/closed sensor), then unlock my door (Schlage deadbolt lock). FYI, I have been able to get this functionality using IFTTT, but I was really hoping to stay within SmartThings to get this done.

I have no experience in writing SmartApps (or coding in general) and wanted to throw this app idea out there for anyone who is up for the challenge … so the community can benefit and, selfishly, so can I!

Any takers?


I’m pretty sure there is something like this in the IDE, have you taken a look there?


Do you know how to look at the shared apps and import them into a new app?

If so, take a look at the shard apps for this one:

Unlock when Garage Door Opens

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Just updated the app. Now it’ll send a push notification when the door re-locks (assuming you choose to have it relock). Additionally you can optionally supply an Ubi ACB token and it’ll send a message for Ubi to speak when it locks the door.

@chrisb In the shared apps in IDE, the only “unlock” app I see it “Unlock It When I Arrive”. Do you know what the exact name of the app you wrote is?


It should be there now. I think it just takes a while to show up. I see it (right now) is the “Most Recent” category. It should also be in the Safety and Security category.

The name is correct: Unlock when Garage Door Opens.

@chrisb Found it, thank you so much! I can’t wait to test it out when I return home tonight.

Let me know how it works.

I tested it in the simulator but not in “real life” so it’s possible there’s some bugs, but should be good.

@chrisb It worked perfectly … thanks again for sharing this Chris!

I don’t have Ubi, so I ignored those settings. Another feature (or maybe this is another SmartApp on its own) which would be useful to include is the exact opposite: if not locked already, please lock my interior door when my garage door closes and specific presence sensors are away from home.

Hi Chrisb - I’m not finding this app, Unlock when Garage Door Opens, in the Community-created smartapps. Can you please explain where it is or post a link? (I actually want to modify this to Lock a door when the garage door opens, and if I have the code I think I can do that - for a Yale zwave lock?) Thanks.

I used to use this very simple app. It works but I found that just because the door opened does not mean I always want to unlock the front door.

name: “Garage Door Opening - Unlock Door”,
namespace: “cdikland”,
author: “cdikland”,
description: “Monitor your garage door and unlocks a door when opened”,
category: “”,
iconUrl: “https://s3.amazonaws.com/smartapp-icons/Meta/garage_contact.png”,
iconX2Url: “https://s3.amazonaws.com/smartapp-icons/Meta/garage_contact@2x.png

preferences {
section(“When the garage door is open…”) {
input “garageDoor”, “capability.contactSensor”, title:"Which door?"
input “lock”, “capability.lock”, title:“Unlock Which lock?”


def installed()
subscribe(garageDoor, “contact.open”, handleOpenDoorEvent)

def updated()
subscribe(garageDoor, “contact.open”, handleOpenDoorEvent)

def handleOpenDoorEvent(evt) {