Enhanced Auto Lock Door Notifications Bug

Hi, I have the Enhanced Auto Lock Door Smart App which is sending me push notifications even though I have the setting set to no. It only recently started doing this the past two weeks and worked fine before. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I currently have the Smart App unlock the Kwikset garage entry lock when the overhead garage door opens and vice versa.

I’ve been getting the same thing for the same length of time. I sent an email to support but haven’t received a response yet.

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Keithcroshaw, to clear up your question, I have the smartapp linked to two doors (1) the garage entry way door leading from the garage into the home and (2) the sliding garage door leading from the driveway into the garage.

When my (2) sliding garage door opens, my (1) garage entry way door unlocks and vice versa for closed.

I guess the statement “automatically unlock door when open” is less confusing if it were reworded “automatically unlock door when (Blank) opens.”


what you are missing is that on some locks, the door can always be opened and closed from the inside even if it is “locked.” Internally the outside handle gets physically disengaged (and therefore unusable) when the door is locked but the inside handle still works.

Therefore the “automatically unlock when open” is convenient for short trips in and out, say when your emptying the trash. When you open the door to go outside, SmartThings unlocks the door for you so you can come right back in. Then, after your in for a minute or two, SmartThings relocks the door.


@VWO05 & @mikerayholmes I asked no questions nor missed any information. Just pointing everyone here in the direction of the thread I posted as the topic’s seemed similar.

They enhanced a bug?! Where are their priorities? :wink:

This bug is really annoying. I had to uninstall the official app and install this instead:

Would love to have the official one fixed though.

Tvinhas, thank you! That code worked!

Keithcroshaw, thanks for the clarification, I’m new to community so I wasn’t aware that was a link to another post. I think your post even had the code Tvinhas suggested.

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This smartapp is unlocking my door when it’s forced!!! I almost sent the cops after someone put and advertising at my door and (I guess) accidentally pushed it.
I use a Schlange Century deadbolt and this door also have a open/close sensor. I guess that what happens is that the unlock feature is being triggered because the open/close sensor detects a very fast change.

If you wanna try:
From outside lock your door. Now force entry pushing your door while rotate the knob.