Unlinking Alexa?

I’ve removed and re added the Alexa skill yes. I don’t think there is a setting to do this on the smartthings side anymore though.

In the app, choose the three horizontal line “menu” icon.

Then choose “voice assistant”

The next screen will give you a choice of which voice assistants to link with.

You can unlink in the ST app from 3 bar Menu->Gear->Linked Services->Amazon Alexa

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Except the next screen says go to Settings->Connected services to manage voice assistants which are not Bixby, which I think they mean Linked Services.

Maybe… or Android vs iOS?

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I do have the option to unlink and presumably re link. That said, I am extremely hesitant. Will doing so delete the devices from Alexa? If so that will result in all routines needing to be rebuilt, which would be hours of work.

Yes, all your devices will get deleted from Alexa and while your Alexa routines will still be there, the reference to the devices will have been deleted from the routines requiring you touch the trigger condition in every one of them.

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It was called Connect Services before they changed it to Linked Services a few years ago. They never adjusted that screen… I posted multiple times and sent a support request but it continues to display the old name.

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I have many Alexa routines so not really an option without hours of re-work. If I knew it would fix the issue then I might consider it, but that’s a big investment to potentially end up in the same place.

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Momentarily disconnecting and then connecting on this screen will not lose the ST devices in Alexa routines. I’ve done it several times, but never from the ST Linked services button.

The API calls it ‘Connected Services’ so this could be considered as the mobile apps going rogue again.

In the documentation ‘Connected Services’ is also used as a covering term for all types of SmartApp, because it wouldn’t be SmartThings if a term wasn’t used ambiguously.


Ok I have tried that multiple times but the issue persists. I was more so wondering if I unlink it from within the smartthings app if that would disconnect the devices from Alexa and require rebuilding routines.