SmartThings WiFi hub issue with 2 hubs and Zigbee devices

Have added a second wifi hub and it is slaved to the main hub via Plume (wifi at least).
Some of my ST devices nearby report routing via a Unknown Device (82B1), which I suspect must be the 2nd hub (cannot think of any other unidentified repeaters in the house). However I cannot find it in the IDE, so cannot confirm its identity. Is there any way to resolve this? Dont like Unknown Devices in my system!

Yes, the subhubs don’t have a device name, so they will show up as “unknown device“ on zigbee routing. They should have a device ID, though, and I suppose you could check with support to confirm that that is the subhub. I agree that it is unnerving. :thinking:


The WiFi hubs that are routers should be clearly identified as such in the routes and not be shown as an unknown device.

@Geoffs if you can PM we can take a look and try to see what’s going on.

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This is the second time this month that someone indicated a subhub was labeled “unidentified device” in the Zigbee route report. I’ll see if I can find the other thread, but I’ve got a headache right now from poor air quality and my internal memory retrieval isn’t working right. :nauseated_face:

Found the other thread. (Yes, I am that good. LOL! :wink: )

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Haha, you’re definitely that good @JDRoberts :grin:

I checked with my team and found that the handling for the secondary hubs as repeaters will be fixed in the next firmware release. I know the ST WiFi team is actively testing the next release but unfortunately I don’t have more details on the timing of the release.