ZigBee device communication issues

I have some zigbee bulbs that have been offline for a few months. When I look into graph.api.smartthings.com i see the following:
Route [This Device (7F0A) )↔ Unknown Device (8FBD) ↔ Unknown Route (???) ↔ [SmartThings Hub]

How do I find and remove this Unknown Device 8FBD to correct this zigbee routing issue?

I believe that is a ghost device. You will have to create a device in the IDE and remove in Smartthings APP. find the details here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/z-wave-repair-showing-ghost-device/46787/2

7F0A and 8FBD from your post above are the Device Network Id for those zigbee devices. You can find those listed on those zibee device page in My Devices in IDE. So you can go through each device listing until you find the device.

As @jkp pointed out, the values in the parenthesis are the Device Network ID (DNI) for each device. In your case, device 0x8FBD is a Zigbee device that is connected to your Zigbee network but the hub does not have a record of this device. This is most likely a device that that you previously had connected to your hub and for one reason or another when you removed the device from SmartThings the device did not get removed from your Zigbee network. The link posted about should fix the problem, but if not please let me know!

Extra note, the Unknown Route (???) you see is there because we don’t have a record of the 0x8FBD device and therefore don’t know how it is routing messages.

Thanks, I tried to do what [Eduardo] suggested, but no dice. I have 80 devices on my network (Zigbee and ZWave) so trying to determine what was once on the network that was removed and not deleted is going to be next to impossible. I may have to just delete and re-add the 4 bulbs.

Hi, I seem to be having the same issue. I am having multiple zigbee endpoint devices follow the path of a ghost device (2DF9). I have tried creating a fake device with that ID, then deleting it, and while some devices while temporarily re-route and come back online, the ghost device comes back again.
This Device (465B) ↔ Unknown Device (2DF9) ↔ Unknown Route (???) ↔ Home Hub
This Device (7B7F) ↔ Unknown Device (2DF9) ↔ Unknown Route (???) ↔ Home Hub

same issue here. swapped 8 Sengled bulbs ( non repeater) for 8 Slyvania Smart+ color bulbs which are repeaters. since doing this my zigbee network has been wonky and have 20 ghost devices in the network. I went into the IDE and created a device with all the network id codes I saw unassociated in the IDE. deleted all 20 through the app. still no luck. I have gotten many of my existing lights back online but my whole zigbee network still isn’t back to normal. even after about 5 hub restarts. (unplug, no batteries, 30 minutes) to rebuild the zigbee mesh. logging back into the IDE after the devices are still looking for unknown device (####)

I’m having the same issue. I have quite a few devices routed through an “Unknown Device (EBFC)”. This EBFC is not on my zigbee network, and nothing has changed for zigbee in a long time.

I figured it out. One of my Smart Power Outlets reset itself for some reason. When this happened, the Device Network ID (DNI) changed for that device. It use to be EBFC, and now it is C242. The other devices knew it was there and routing through it, but the HUB didn’t know what it was and was reporting it as Unknown Device (EBFC). I unplugged the Smart Power Outlet, waited 5 minutes, plugged it back in, and it immediately went into Pairing Mode. Paired it with the HUB. Unplugged the HUB and removed the batteries. Waited 30 minutes. Plugged the HUB back in, inserted the batteries. Everything is good now. No more Unknown Device.

Does anyone know what would cause a device to change it’s DNI? This is very odd to me, and I’ve never had this happen before.