Missing Routes

I noticed today that some of my devices do not have the “route” listed. I can’t find anything specific to the ones that don’t have this. Any thoughts?
(no route listed)

(route listed)

IDE is part of the old architecture. It does not display any type of data for devices using Edge drivers which are part of the new architecture. IDE is in the process of being shut down. Once that happens, the Routing data will no longer be available … at this point … unless they eventually add it back.

Device types of Placeholder are Edge devices or linked services using the new architecture.


Just to be clear, the example I used with a route is using a DTH. This example is using a driver (placeholder), but it still shows the route. Are you saying this will go away for all devices that use a driver in the future, or should it not be showing it for this device now?

If the device was migrated, it can retain the old info but most likely invalid at this point. For some reason, the data stopped getting removed.

Again… anything with Placeholder… you can not rely on any info seen in IDE

Got it… Would that also include information on Ghost Devices? I’ve got a device with a route showing a Ghost Device. I’ve tried the old “add Z Wave Device using the ID of what is showing (97), then force delete from ST app” Unfortunately that returns “Can’t delete because the device is working properly”.

  • Could there really be no Ghost Device? If there is, what’s the best way to get rid of it these days?

Unknown device in Routing could just be an Edge device at this point. No way to tell if it is Ghost or not.

Okie Dokie… Thanks for the help!

Check out this community developed smartapp if you haven’t already:


I’ve got it bookmarked. Came in handy earlier when I was trying to find what device was using a specific driver.

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Also keep in mind that the route information in the IDE, when it was reliable, wasn’t what most people think it was. Z-wave is a mesh network so any given message can hop thru the mesh using any available path. The “route” in the IDE was, probably, the path that some message took at some unknown time.

Thanks Hal. I did remember that! This all started when I was trying to unenroll a driver and noticed a couple of “funny” things. As long as the device is working, I guess all is well… LOL

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