Unknown route for Movement sensor after deleted Its zigbee switch bridge

Hi, I’m switching all zigbee switch devices from connection with DH to connection with Edge drive. To do this I have to delete the devices and search again. I am aware that by doing so, I ruin the mesh zigbee network and to limit the damage, I delete the devices from the farthest and only one a day. Everything went well
Now after deleting a switch that served as a bridge to the motion sensor, this has gone crazy. He got stuck marking a movement and never goes off again. After it disconnected, I removed the battery, put back, did the search, found the sensor back online, but still has the movement stuck on on, and from IDE I see unknown route still. What can I try to do to fix it? :thinking: Thanks!

Unknown route is expected when using Edge drivers as that data is no longer reflected in IDE.

Even devices that are still on Groovy device handlers that route through devices with Edge will reflect the Unknown.


You may want to try removing that sensor, resetting it and pair it again close to tHe hub. If it works, move it back to where it is to be placed.

Thank you, Waiting resumed working.
Unfortunately, two other switches at the same time Disconnected. I think they are problems related to my zigbee mesh network compromised with these changes.
I tried to delete them but they don’t connect anymore. :person_shrugging:t2: I’ll have to have a headache this weekend.

@jkp after I finished transferring all my zigbee switches from DH to Edge, now I always have this disconnection problem. Now there are 5 of them are disconnected, and they are all relatively close together. I think the problem is bridging in the zigbee mesh network. What do you advise me to do, continue to force the reconnection, or preferably delete the device from the smartthings app and then try the reconnection? I would like to understand if there is a procedure to try to recreate a connection path in the mesh network different from the one before. Now that I am EDGE I have no way of verifying where they are connected

If you shut off your ST hub for 20 - 30 min. it should force a rebuild of your ZigBee routes. Make sure you keep all your ZigBee devices powered during this procedure.

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Thanks Paul for the reply. The same situation occurred to me last year when with the V2 when I started deleting devices and reinserting them. Eventually I tried this method and the situation just got worse. At the time I had decided to take advantage of it and switch to the new Aeotec Hub thinking it was my ruined Hub. Now I’m starting to think it wasn’t like that. I want to try to do as you say, but I’m a little afraid of falling into the same situation. Pray for me :slight_smile:


If your switches are not on the same power line as the hub, first try removing power from the switches for a few seconds yo force a relinking to the hub.
Disable the secure rejoint option of the hub

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo my hub is under UPS so I can turn off the whole house and try. Done but it didn’t help, now I have more disconnected devices than before. to disable secure connection for security you mean I have to flag yes or not. It was currently on No and now I put it like this.

All right? Maybe it was correct as before to leave it on NO?

set it to NO

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Incredibly, even in this way, when the hub was restarted, all the Vimar switches that were previously disconnected were connected. After a couple of hours, maybe even less, they all disconnected again. I will try to reset and reconnect them again without deleting them from ST.