Nanogrid Z-wave Light Switch

Hello SmartThings.

I know you’ve got lots on, and loving your updates. But hoping you can provide some confidence that this device will be OK in working with Smartthings.  I’m sure sure it is, it’s just that it’s quite expensive to put throughout the hosue.

It’s a Nanogrid branded Z-wave switch (Australian freq obviously) and comes in up to a four button version here:

This is the only outstanding compatibility that i’m unsure of.

Thank you



We haven’t had much focus on international devices yet so we can not say with certainty that those switches will work - though they look very cool. Later in Q1 I expect we will have a better understanding of the various international markets and the offerings SmartThings will support “out of the box”.

Sorry there isn’t more info.


Hi Ben. Thanks for the reply. Smartthings will have a international z wave chip right. So what are the chances it won’t work?


I could buy one and test it when smartthings comes out.

I suspect you should be able to get this to work. I’m curious as to what this has to offer over other “generic” z-wave switches. Seems to be a lot of money to pay for something so simplistic. (I’ve seen GE Switches at US$53.00). The idea, is to get something that is simple, and use the programming power of SmartThings to extend that functionality.

Hey Kristerpher. Great question mate. The main reason other than the design is awesome, it’s one of a few available in Australia ( and is in Z-wave Australian Freq), sold by a local supplier.

You make a good point though. Will the ones that Smartthings certify be available in Aus freq? seems like they would be and much cheaper.


Super-cheap touch light switch:

Connect this circuit to a blank metal wall plate, and then connect that to one of the GPIO points on a ThingModule.  You’re looking at under $15 in parts and maybe half an hour in sweat equity.  And you know it will work with the smarthub.

Wow thanks Candre23! I know this is a 3 year old post but I was just searching for solutions to turn “dumb” switches into ST compatible switches.

I fell in love with this website