Indonesia: Lights / Fan dimmer/switches? (US Hub, 220v wiring)

hi all,
I live in Indonesia and have an american Smartthings 2.0 hub. Many of my devices, mostly smart light bulbs are connected to the ST hub.Indonesia works with the european standards and has 220v.
I have a few rooms, which have many LED downlights, I prefer to just replace the wall switch/dimmer instead of replacing the bulbs.I’ve been searching like crazy but have not been able to find a suitable product. Ideally i find something which also relays the ON or OFF status back to the hub.
I hope someone can help me out here

This situation comes up for people who are in South America and in parts of Asia. They use the US Z wave frequency but have 220 voltage.

I think most people end up going with the Aeon Labs in wall micro relays when they have this set up. They can handle the voltage and have the USC zwave frequency so they can talk to a US hub. They do require a neutral, but it doesn’t have to be at the switchbox – – it can be at the light fixture or elsewhere on the circuit.

You will find much discussion in the following thread: (this is a clickable link)

Thanks, very helpful, will try the Aeon switch.