Unexpected Trip

Since putting a externally powered smartsense motion in my garage, my smartsense presence has been reliable.

That is, until 10:22 PM PDT last night, when it ‘left the building’ and promptly ’ returned’ at 10:23.

Battery reports 75% so that’s not it.

Anyone experience a similar anomaly?

We have a presence sensor on the dog. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he vanishes for 1-15 minutes and then suddenly reappears. The only wall-powered zigbee device we have is the hub and he usually sleeps in the bedroom above the hub so he’s not far away. I’ve been speculating that he’s in a position where his body blocks the signal. Directly above the hub might be a null in it’s antenna also, depending on the type of antenna it uses.

By comparison, the smartsense sensor on the mailbox is much farther away and has been completely reliable.

None of that explains your behavior but we do see similar symptoms.

My hub is in a bedroom directly above the garage. Even then I had all sorts of problems with the presence sensor initially; these things just don’t have much of a radio in them.

Since putting a powered zigbee device in the garage, I don’t recall having a single false event until last night; this over a 3+ month period.

I’m just trying to source the cause of this glitch and was thinking it might have been something server-side that would maybe affect others as well.

edit: I completely misread the original post. Nothing to see here.

No… it is a smartsense presence sensor.

Sorry I totally misread that.

(c; In looking at the raw values of the event log, I am seeing decidedly different values surrounding the above described events versus the actual ones.

Can you have a look?

Hop on live chat. We’d be happy to help.

I had my wife leaving at coming back at all times of the night too :wink:
I put a powered ST motion in the garage about 15 feet away through one wall and she still leaves me now and then. Must be the aftershave, or the size of my presence antenna.

Yes, Looking over the logs I have seen the same thing today with a variety of presence sensors showing having left and returned in a short period of time.