Presence Sensor: Doesn't know if its coming or going

I’ve got a small smart app which sends me a notification if it leaves the house (pretty standard stuff). However, today I’ve been getting push notifications telling me the device is out of the house and then back in (each time returning a couple of seconds later). Obviously it hasn’t left the house, its just erroneous readings.

Has anyone else experienced this and is it just a faulty sensor?


The presence sensor is losing connection with the hub. There are actually many different reasons why this can happen, so it’s best to contact support as they can do some diagnostics from their side. Some of the reasons why this can happen:

One) as you mentioned, a faulty sensor, although this is fairly rare

Two) low battery

Three) the hub going off-line. This is one of the things that support can check

Four) local interference from either another zigbee device or from boosted Wi-Fi. This is a problem that can come and go. I have a problem every afternoon shortly after school lets out, which leads me to believe that one of my neighbors has boosted Wi-Fi and a student arriving home is increasing their traffic from a game console or Netflix or something.

That thing kept annoying me the entire night with more than 50% battery. Its connected to V1. I have another one with 80% battery and that one didnt complain even a single time.

No, I’ve got two and only one of them is doing it…Coincidentally the one with lesser battery too!

My presence sensor has been rock solid for the last year. I noticed all kinds of nonsense with it last night (it’s at 63% battery).