Magic presence sensor: car arrives without leaving

Can someone explain how this is possible (I do have an open ticket). Since the v2 launch I only had a few incidents with my garage door opening accidentally, but today’s events made me kill the automation :frowning: Not cool, this door automation is our family’s most favorite.

Coming and going, that is each arrival event is preceded by a departure event, is easy to explain by losing contact with the local network.

Multiple repeated arrival events, however, are something else again.

A number of people are reporting duplicate and missing events right now, including random lights turning themselves on.

So my guess is there’s just some kind a platform issue where messages are being either sent or processed multiple times. Definitely report it to support. However, this is one of the few times when I suspect the specific device may not really matter, it’s more a matter of the messaging infrastructure.

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Yep, I have also “Killed” the presence automation smartapps I we had used with the ST Supported presence device and our families Apple iPhones. We had experienced too many false positives and false negatives where I lost confidence in the ability to have our home security at risk. This was one of the expectations of using SmartThings over our products.

This DEFECT is a MAJOR disappointment in SmartThings from our families perspective, since when I look on our iPhones “Find Friends” app, it has our geo-location perfectly as we travel down the road (using cellphone towers and GPS). I am not sure what ST is using for geo-location information or how they determine errant data, but it was about 50/50 on accuracy.

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Yet the world is happy according to ST:

I’ve submitted a ticket as well.

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Let me know if they respond to your ticket, I’m going on 5 days waiting!

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I think that’s just a marketing page. It hasn’t been updated any time I’ve looked at it during a platform “issue” in some time.

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How’s the battery on your sensor? How far is it from your next device in the network?

If my car sits in the garage, it’ll be recognized and stay present, however if it sits out in the driveway, it has a few instances where it comes and goes depending where it is due to network range.

Is sitting in the garage. Have had very few incidents in the past year sitting where it is now. Battery level is 75%. The problem is that it doesn’t seem to be leaving the garage but is arriving at a 30 min rate. And it continued to do it today too. Even my 3 year old thinks is funny. He keeps telling the Sonos ‘the car is in garage silly speaker’ - as I have it set up when the car arrives.

Ahh, I see that now. Sorry. I thought it was coming and going all day, not arriving 10 times in a row! That would be annoying.

Seems like every time ST is checking the status of the device, it returns with the actual notification.

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Are there two plastic tabs oposite the metal latch on that holds on your battery? If not send in a picture to your support ticket, if it is under a year it is a replacement. If after a year, you might need some tape and a longer presence timeout.

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I’ll check on that, thanks for your suggestion, it’s the latest version which I bought when I ordered the v2. Something happened to my zigbee mesh around the same time this sensor started acting up. I have other devices acting up in the same way and also lost several devices from the network altogether.

Update: for some reason the anomaly of my presence sensor was related to the timing issue of this week, aka poltergeist. All week my car has arrived at a rate of every 30 min since last Saturday. Somehow the ‘black magic’ stopped yesterday, at the same time my motion triggered lights have started to work properly. No word from support in 8 days to explain the issue.

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And…ALL problems are back! My car just arrived without leaving. This is just Groundhog Day…

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in my case it started two weeks ago. Worked great then lights going off and arming all the time. I adjusted the time to 20 minutes and I am still left in the dark with my keys on the table and 25 feet to the hub v2. IPhone did not work at all on v1 so the presence sensor was purchased. A battery change and multiple hub reboots made no difference. This was a slow day.

The arrive/left/arrive/left/arrive/left/pattern with the Zigbee presence sensor is almost always due to local interference, typically from Wi-Fi.

At my own home, most weekday afternoons around 340 the presence sensor starts bouncing on and off the network just like your screenshot. Since the local school bus arrives at 3:30, I’m pretty sure one of my neighbors has boosted Wi-Fi and a child who gets home about that time. :scream:

The SmartThings hub has its zigbee channel assigned at the factory and cannot be changed after that, so there’s very little that can be done if the interference is not from your own Wi-Fi network.

The first thing you can try is changing the channel that your own Wi-Fi router is on, in case it is your own system creating the interference. That can help.

Also, make sure that your SmartThings hub is at least 2 m from your Wi-Fi router at home. 3 m is even better.

Sometimes people try to solve the problem by putting the presence sensor down right next to the hub, but they have the hub right next to their Wi-Fi router, so they actually make the problem worse.

I personallyended up switching to using I beacons as presence indicators because they just ended up being more reliable for me. But this is one of those things where “all home automation is local” and a device it works great in one home may be the one that works the worst in another, just depending on the local interference issues.

If the problem is the arrive/leave/arrive/leave/pattern then you can consider the kind of approach that I use. It will not help the problems of the sensor that always says it’s away or always says it’s present, though

Thanks for the info! I think I am just going to use the today screen on my phone to set I’m back and Goodbye manually as well as the automatically set goodbye at X:00 every day and throw the presence sensor away…