Issue with Arlo

My smartthings can only turn on 1 Arlo camera in my routines. It used to work fin. It can turn of all 4 without any issue.
I have tried to disconnect and reconnect. I can manually turn on/off without any issues. Im on the uk servers

In the UK also had having the exact same problem. One out of four cameras turn on during a routine. I have seen a few other threads reporting this. I will use Core to activate cameras on mode change for now as that seems to be reliable.

I dont understand awat you mean with core.

This is a known issue that started a day or so ago, but go ahead and report it to support so they can let you know if they find a workaround.

Previous discussion:

As far as core:


thanks for the i fo

Cause of issue has been found and the fix is in review.
Deployment should be this week.


Early present. Fix is rolling out today. Enjoy! :slight_smile: