Arlo Cameras Unexpected Error

I have the smart things hub and the new Arlo wire free cameras. I had them working well within smart things and one of the cameras failed. Arlo sent me a new one, but when I tried to add it in the Smart things app, it gives me an unexpected error. I removed the routine and tried re-adding it. Same error, but now I can’t add either camera. The only thing that I can successfully add is the siren. I tried removing all routines that used the cameras. Also, the cameras work fine in the arlo app. Nothing seems to work to get them integrated into smart things. :frowning: any ideas?

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I’m having the same issue, both of my arlo cameras work fine in arlo but recently one is no longer working with ST… Might be attributed to all the recent downtime in ST…

Exactly the same problem I’m having. Bought four Arlo Pro 2 cameras yesterday believing they work with Smartthings but they don’t. Only the base station connects.

Same issue with mine. Arlo pro cameras work great in own app. Just bought smartthings and get unexpected error when I try to add cameras.

Did anyone figure out what was wrong, I’m now having a similar issue?

It was likely either issues with smartthings as mentioned or Arlo Clound integration. Arlo had a few glitches last year as well that broke allot of stuff at times to. What problems are you experiencing and have you checked the IDE to see if there are errors from the camera?

Keep in mind Arlo is getting ready to release the Arlo Ultra so i would expect their system will be a little flaky for a while as the new tech burns in. It isn’t an excuse just the way things go unfortunately.

I am trying to add a camera (#5) to Smartthings. The Arlo app and website both have everything correct. I try to add the camera in smartthings and when I go to save it comes back with the error message " An unexpected error occurred". Im thinking about deleting all of the Arlo devices and starting from scratch but am worried it will make it worse. I’ve also noticed that SmartThings isn’t recognizing motion from the cameras.

What is Arlo Ultra?

Thank you in advance.

Arlo Ultra is their new 4k camera system. There is alot more to it then that, but the point is it is a new product that may be introducing some events in the arlo side. That is interesting. You could certainly remove everything and try to add it again. It shouldn’t create bigger issues unless Arlo or Smartthings is having problems with their integration.

I don’t see any issues in my setup.