Understanding Local processing of LOCK

I seem to be very behind on what’s been going on with things switching over to local processing. I’d like to simply lock my front door z-wave lock at midnight everyday, and do so even if the internet is out in the house.
Currently, I use the rBoy z-wave Door Lock DTH and have created a routine that runs at midnight. Would this work locally? If not, what do I need to change?

Any custom device handler (like Rboy’s) will cause rules to run in the cloud. Even if it used the default device handler, I don’t know if there are any smart apps that can send a lock event that run locally :thinking:

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Unfortunately SmartThings doesn’t do a lot of things locally, just a few device handlers and even fewer smart apps.

SmartThings has been planning for the better part of 3 years to allow custom code to run locally, I believe at one point they had even done a PoC, it basically required a one time 30 second delay to “compile” and “publish” the code to the hub which was actually quite reasonable but somehow it never saw the light of day. So hopefully one day they’ll find a way to get that back on track.

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