Using Smart Lighting (Smart App) to control Z-wave locks

Hello community,
I would like to use ‘Smart Lighting’ to control lock/un-lock times for my door lock using the generic Z-Wave Device Handler. Issue is that the Device cannot be acted upon with the Smart Lighting Smart App. I’m wondering if anyone knows what attributes of the Device Handler make it eligible for interaction with Smart Lighting?

BTW, the reason I want to do this is to leverage the fact that Smart Lighting is run locally, and the generic automations that lock/unlock based on time-of-the-day do not.

Thank you!

Smart Lighting would only be a temporary solution at this point as it will be phased out when groovy is shut down. You should probably start looking at automations for many of your needs. You can also check out Rules API and Samsung Automation Studio.

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It’s right in the name: Smart Lighting is a specific set of automations which are only designed to control Lighting and Switches. Not locks.

And, as @jkp said, it’s a holdover from the old architecture and will be going away soon anyway.

Some of the new automations will be able to run locally, so longterm prospects are good that you will be able to do what you want. But not with Smart Lighting.

@Automated_House may know if there’s an automation that runs locally now that can do locks. A lot has changed over the last few months and more will be changing as we move forward.

ONLY if the DEVICE (handler) runs locally. To make the device work ‘with smartlighting’ it would have to be customized to add the ‘switch’ capability WHICH would make it a custom device handler which then would not run locally - defeating your original purpose.

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A time-based Automation to control a local running lock will run local.

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