Local vs Cloud

I am ignorant in this area, I have a question. Can someone answer this pl. Why are some smart dimmers operate locally and others cloud although all of them are Z-wave. The reason I am asking this is that my garage doors operate randomly. They are cloud based Garadget. should I install Z-wave garage door openers in order to rectify this

I am no expert but from what I have gathered if it uses a custom DTH it runs in the cloud You can look in your device list in the IDE and it will tell you if a device runs in the cloud or local. I have the Iris garage door openers, which are Z-wave and it says they run local.

The short answer is that only official device type handlers approved by SmartThings and distributed to every single customer can run locally. Anything else runs in the cloud. This is just the way the company has chosen to implement local processing.

There is no official list of these, but there is a community thread (this is a clickable link)

There is one generic Z wave garage door opener device type handler on that list, so if you have a device which can use that, it can run locally.


Thank you for your answer, I have 31 devices. Now I understand the problem. Some devices were bought from The smartest house some on Amazon. Only two devices run locally the rest in the cloud. Even the Samsung arrival sensor and the Aeon lab multisensor does not run locally. Is there an advantage to running locally as opposed to cloud. If so I will change my garage door openers. They are the most unreliable in timing the rest seems to work well. At times the garage opens may be 20 mins after arrival or even later

All my ZWave switches show as Local and my ZWave dimmer show up as Cloud. is there a local ZWAVE dimmer Device handler ?


For z-wave dimmer. Use "dimmer switch"
For zigbee dimmer. Use “smartpower dimming outlet” .


Ray, thanks for your help

Switching the DTH now…

Things are certainly a lot more responsive with the change

Leaves my Zigbee FANS (Home Decorators), AEON remotes and Hue stuff on the cloud processing now…