How to change door locks to local execution

I have been using the @RBoy device handler for a long time, but I would like to switch to local execution for the locks. Is there a way to do this? I am assuming that the stock device handler is a local execution handler? Right now, all I did was switch the handler from RBoy’s handler to “Z-Wave Lock With Codes” which I thought was the stock handler?

Is this the right way to get execution to be local? Or is there even a way to switch it to local?

Switch it to “Z-Wave Lock”.

You can then use the SmartThings Smart Locks App.

FYI: You will only be able to Unlock / Lock doors and add/modify/remove codes. You will not have all the additional lock functionality that you had with the rboy Universal Handler.

But you will have local execution if that’s the most important thing to you. However, if you are unlocking / locking the door via Routine or Piston, that is going to run in the cloud. The only local execution you will achieve is by locking /unlocking directly on the device in Things or from the Smart Locks App (I think that SmartApp might be local, but not sure). You won’t be gaining much by going this route though unless you are manually manipulating the lock.

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Thanks - sorry I need one more clarification…the DH you note above does not have the “with codes” part of the DH. But I can still use codes correct? And I am still using the RBoy SA that allows for a lot of flexibility with running routines, etc. based upon the action being taken through the lock.

So if I switch to the DH above I won’t lose the codes functionality and use of the RBoy SA?

Yes, the one without codes allows you to update codes.

Your codes should not be lost.

Even if you use the local device handler, you will not get local processing via the rboy lock app.

I meant additional lock functionality with the device handler (no AutoLock, Audio, etc.). You will have Lock and Unlock only.

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Make sure you are not using the door alarm smart app. You need Roy’s app for that to work. Also, only update at home in case it blanks your codes.


Another point to note. The stock Z Wave Lock device handler does NOT run locally. It’s a little convoluted but only pieces of the handler run locally but the chunk of it runs in the cloud.

At some point in future it may run 100% locally but as of now it runs in the cloud for the most as per ST. Just the basic lock / unlock command runs locally the rest of the event processing etc runs in the cloud.

OK - I don’t think I am losing any functionality that I need by using the stock handler. And if I ever wanted to change any of the functions I can just switch to your handler and then switch back through IDE right?

Also - using the stock handler allows the ST Smart Locks app to work correctly on the dashboard. It’s a win from that perspective!

Depends on what functionality you want


The custom handler also works with SmartLocks in real time. You just need to make one change to enable the real time dashboard feature, see this.


Thanks @rboy! Is it normal for the the options exposed through your DH to show up like this going forward?

That’s a side effect of switching device handlers, it leaves behind the settings.

When you switch device handlers the “settings” from the old device handler are left behind and if the new device handler doesn’t need/support them it just shows up as orphans. If you’re going to keep switching between device handler I’d leave them alone so when you switch back the settings are available to the original device handler. If you aren’t going to switch back, you can just click X and remove them.

Although if you’re using the real time dashboard trick to use the enhanced DH with Smart Locks not sure why you’d want to use the stock DH.

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Agree with rboy here.

You aren’t going to get Local Processing for your locks period by using Stock Handler and the rboy Lock App, so by keeping all the lock functions, modify the Universal Handler Name to “Z-Wave Lock” and you can use the custom SmartApp and the Smart Locks Smart App and have the best of both worlds.

Trying to get local processing isn’t going to happen period, unless you are solely using the Lock / Unlock function manually from the Device directly.

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Thanks @RBoy and @WB70 - everything is up and running like a charm! SmartLocks on my dashboard updates immediately on lock/unlock and all features of the locks area available. Excellent!!! Thank you!