Uncontrolled lights

2 lights switching on around a specific time meanwhile there is no subroutine defined for the 2 lights at that time.
When I look in the list events, I see the activity but cannot find from where it is coming.
Anybody has an idea how solve this issue

One question that you will be asked… do you use Alexa? If yes, check if Hunches is enabled in Alexa, disable it. Then check to see if it created any Routines in Alexa for the lights.

If not using Alexa, one recommendation is to uninstall the lights from ST and add them back. That way, any routines, etc that may have been using them will lose the association to them.

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Thanks a lot for your swift response.

I am using Alexa echo but it is unplugged. Indeed, excluding the devices from the network, I think will remedy the problem.


I don’t think unplugging your echo will change anything. The Alexa - ST integration is cloud to cloud. You can set up things like Alexa routines without even owning and Echo. You only need the Alexa app to create an account.

Do you use the no worries while away app in the labs? Pretty sure this was the source of strange lighting behavior I had recently (lights going on and off, even when home).

Hi William,

I do not have that. The best solution for me would be indeed to exclude the devices from the network and include them back.