All Dimmer Light Switches Turned On at 7:50 PM, 4/4/24

Really strange, hub didn’t update or anything. Switches are zwave. Did this happen to anyone else?

If you have an Echo/Alexa device linked to your ST account, check to see if Hunches are turned on.


Alexa is linked but I don’t have any hunches.

Check the general history from Menu->History-Filter History to see if there are Routines running.

I did, nothing.

I’ve had what look like legit scheduled routines turning my lights off and on for a few weeks. But, I don’t have routines that turn those lights off or on with any schedule. One has no automation to turn it on at all. But at ‘about’ the same times each evening the lights come on or go off. Not all together, but in logical groups that if I did schedule them, it would be a reasonable pattern.

No Alexa hunches, no sensors tripped, no record of ‘what’ is flipping the switch. They just turn on or off for no apparent reason. The one constant is that they are all Lutron Caseta linked in the cloud. There are no automations or schedules in Lutron either. None of the z-wave or matter lights have been affected.

I disabled the link to Lutron but no change.

We just laugh about it but I’m kind of wanting to get things back to normal.

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OK… can you clarify? you said you disabled the link to Lutron… do you mean you unlinked (removed) the integration between ST and Lutron because there is no disable? Do you have Lutron linked directly to Alexa and if yes, have you tried disabling or removing that integration to check if it resolves the issue.

Everyone is saying they have no Hunches… to clarify… do you mean Hunches is not enabled (or was enabled) in Alexa. If it is enabled, it could be creating Routines in Alexa. You would need to disable Hunches and remove those Routines in Alexa.

In the Lutron app, go to Settings > integrations and check what integrations are enabled and go from there.


I think there are ghost routines left over from the conversion. Perhaps ST techs can clean them out.

Yes, unlinked from SmartThings.

I have no hunches in Alexa and the activity section says ‘nothing yet…’ so if it’s doing something it’s keeping it secret. I don’t see any routines in Alexa that I didn’t setup or any that do what I see happening, but maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

Alexa is directly integrated with Lutron so I’ll give removing that a shot.

I thought about the ghost routine thing because it does act like actual routines, just not any that I have created. For example, I have three switches in the master bath and they all switch on/off in unison, which is how my real routines work, but not when other lights change and not when motion is detected anywhere. My office lights come on between 20 minutes before or after sunset, which makes sense, but isn’t a routine I’ve ever created or wanted.

Whatever is happening is new and going to support is looking more like an unavoidable outcome.

crazy thought… reboot your Lutron bridge. I forgot that I had a lutron switch that kept turning on and/or would not turn off 2 weeks ago … powering off the Lutron bridge resolved the issue. very different from your issue but give it a try.

First thing I did, and probably the 6th or 7th thing too :slight_smile: That Lutron hub is pretty reliable but I have rebooted it a couple of times in the past few years to clear up bad behavior.

Rebooted the hub a few times, just in case.

Alexa of course is a different animal with several around the house and no real ‘leader’, but I’m stalking them next.

Didn’t mean to highjack the thread. Just thought maybe the issue could be related.