Scenes and Automations are gone

All my scenes and automations are gone. I get an error when looking up scenes in the IDE. I hope this is only temporary.

Just logged onto this to see if other people are having the same problem. I can’t find mine either.

Try logging out and login back in. Also kill and restart the app. ST is moving the rules to the new local execution API and for some users the scenes and automations aren’t being picked up. They aren’t deleted, they just aren’t being picked up by the platform. Logging in each time kicks off the process to rediscover the scenes and automations. ST is aware of it. Also tagging @vlad who can shed light on this.

There are multiple existing threads on this. engineering is aware of the issue and is working on it but if logging in and out doesn’t fix it you should contact support to make sure they look at your account. Here’s a post from a staff member explaining what happened.

The scenes and automations reappeared on their own. Thank you everyone for explaining the background reasons and calming my nerves until it was corrected.

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Don’t know if this is related but…

I use Simulated Alexa Switches alot. In particular I have some that are used to tell Alexa to “open Thunderstorm sounds” when turned on. Each has an automation which will turn the switch off after 1 1 or 2 hours respectively.

They have not been turning off the last couple of days.

I logged out of the app (by removing my Samsung account)
Log out of Smartthings on Samsung Phone
and signed back in.

Hope this corrects the issue.

logout/login, re-install app did nothing for me, so I reached out to support as some suggested. I’m getting the usual frustrating runaround (“try to logout and login again, re-install the app”) including asking me which automations disappeared (including screenshots). Are you kidding me? As if I knew their exact names since I can’t see them anymore! I’ll probably just give up and set them up again myself, but what a disaster.

Sometimes when the server is under load or having issue, the ST mobile app client times out and gives you a blank page. Try to close the Automations page and re-open it again. Try this about 5-10 times and usually that forces the server to get upto speed and push the list of installed automations.

I have signed out, uninstalled and re-installed on the iphone with no success on getting my scenes or automations back.


We were away for a while and used a scene to put the system in Vacation Mode when we left (I have two Scenes, “Vacation Mode On” and “Vacation Mode Off” to change mode).

Got back home last night and all that was available under Scenes was “add a new scene.” Saw the same thing on two separate iPhones. We couldn’t use my Scene to get back to Home mode.

This morning Scenes were back to normal and functioning. Just our luck we got home when Scenes were broken! This was very frustrating.

I’ve been doing this (sign-out/sign-in, re-installing the app) for three days in a row now to no avail, on two separate devices (iOS & Android). There has to be a better solution for this. I’ll be better off re-creating everything from scratch but who knows what’ll happen if and when the original routines make it back online.