Unable to set colour temperature for hue lights using CoRE

Hi, I am trying to work on a core piston which turns on my lights at sunset and sets them to warm white and another one which sets my lights to daylight when good morning routine is invoked.

I am using hue and lifx bulbs. I see if I just select the lifx bulb, I get a color temperature setting option, but if I select any of the hue bulbs or lightify bulbs connected to hue hub, they don’t give me a colour temperature option to change. Can you please help me resolve this? I am sure there will be many of you who are using Hue lights with CoRE. I have 1 lifx bulb, 2 tunable white hue buls, 2 warm white hue bulbs and 3 lightify tunable white bulbs.

I have tried Hue Advanced Connect app, which gives me the options to set colour temperature, but it has a problem where it reports few lights are on even after turning off and vice versa. This is a bit unusuable as I am having to go to the hue app again to confirm if the lights are really off.

In CoRE, there is a thingsthataresmart.wiki site with some CoRE notes on Hue.

Hue Colors

Just to clarify a few things. The hue in ST is an unnatural percent, 0-100. The hue in the real world is an angle, 0-360 degrees. CoRE is expecting degrees, so that you can pick numbers from your favorite rgb>hsl converter. What you see in the logs there may actually be %, not °. If the color does not match, try applying a x3.6 factor to it. I asked at some point and the general choice was to use degrees, rather than %. [114]

If you are using specific hue, saturation and level, hue is an angle between 0-360, saturation and level are percentages, between 0-100. [115]

The hue that shows in the attribute should be 0-100. Multiply it by 3.6 when using it in CoRE [116]

RGB is a pair of three colors, Red, Green and Blue. Each one has a value between 0 and 255, where 0 means off and 255 full on. Each number is then encoded into two digit hexadecimal representation from 00 (decimal 0) to FF (decimal 255) and simply concatenated with the prefix #.

Red for example is R=255, G=0, B=0, or in hexadecimal format FF, 00, 00. In RGB that is #FF0000 [117]

Yes, setColor is in fact equivalent to setHue + setSaturation + setLevel. All three in one go. [118]

Colors always change hue/saturation/level. The “Deep” colors have lower levels. This is by design. [119]

The Fade to level can do ramping over seconds, minutes or even hours. The up/down is automatic, you just provide the target and the time to take. It will automatically determine whether it needs to raamp up or down. It uses software emulation, meaning the piston runs every so often to readjust the level. [120]

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Thanks Brian, for the quick reply. I will take a look at the wiki now. The bulbs I am using are mostly white ambiance ones, not colour. My problem is that I don’t see the colour temperature as a selection criteria in CoRE when using the standard hue connect smart app. I see the colour temperature options with hue advanced connect smart app from the community, but it has other problems.

I have now reviewed the CoRE wiki, but don’t think there is anything related to the problem I am having. I am moving the thread to smartapps category to see if anyone with experience on Hue bulbs and the Hue Connect smartapp will help me.

No one at all with this issue?

Yes, I am having the same issue. You can adjust Hue colour bulbs from CORE but can’t adjust the temperature on white ambiance bulbs…

I have resolved my issue a while ago. The problem was that I selected multiple lights out of which 1 didn’t allow colour temperature adjustment. CoRE didn’t provide an option to adjust colour temperature at all. When I removed this 1 bulb in the list. I got an option to adjust colour temperature.