Bulb color rendering in ST/WebCore vs Alexa

Hi all,

Recently purchased Sengled Element Color Plus bulbs. I’m working on a piston that sets them to holiday colors on holidays, and then back to warm white when not a holiday.

When the the command is sent through Alexa, ("set to warm white) it’s perfect (a nice, bright, yellow-orange hue) like you would expect from a warm white led or incandescent bulb. However, when coming from the piston (preset setting for “warm white”), it’s more of a blue-ish white- more like a daytime led off the shelf.

I’ve tried sending the command through Alexa and noting the current HSL settings in the IDE and entering those into my piston to no avail- colors turn out red for some reason. I should note I’m also trying to include an Ikea Tradfri color bulb in this piston’s color settings as well. I realize they have a more limited pallete, but I know it’s capable of the color I’m talking about because it’s the standard out of the box. I have a Hue hub, but only the Tradfri is connected to it at present.

Can anyone tell me how to accurately instruct a bulb to render your average warm white through Webcore/ST? Seems like it should be simple. I’ll be honest- I don’t know much about RGB or HSL color settings and am competent but not super skilled in using Webcore or some of the back-end logging/setting functions on IDE or Webcore, so take that into account.

Also, if anyone has a good piston or app that manages holiday settings I’m describing and also allows for arrival/departure and door opening routines, send them my way! My programming is always a mess.


Have you tried setting it to a specific color temperature instead?

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No, I’m not seeing that as an option. Am I missing something?

Dumb question- I understand lower K is a warmer color and higher K is cooler, but do I still need to designate a base color that I apply the temp to? If that makes sense…

Wait- I see it as an emulated setting that is “only available to some devices.”

Still wondering about whether I need to designate a base color though.

It’s there for me

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