Smart Lighting - Turn on and set white level (color temperature)

I have smart bulbs that let me set a white level and I’d love to use the Smart Lighting SmartApp to turn them on and set the right white level based on some kind of trigger. At the moment I can just turn them on and set the dimmer level. Can this be done some other way?

The official smart lighting feature does not support color temperature (cool white to warm white), as you noted.

There are a number of community – created smart apps that can do this. The easiest way to find them is to use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. There is a list there for lighting. :sunglasses:

Alternatively, I believe you can use core, although you might want to check in their peer assistance thread to make sure that it does support color temperature.

I’m going to try and use CoRE, but I think this is something that they should support. The official Smart App can do color, so I think they should be able to do temperature pretty easily.

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You could use Stringify.
I use it to have Alexa turn on certain colors but you could attach them to a trigger as well.

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There is an app by @Triosinal that is able to include both white tunable (Ksclae) and COLOR light bulbs, using VS to control - I love this app! Very easy to set up / intuitive


I am pretty sure this feature is going to be released early next week.


That would be so full of win - looking forward to this! Thank you!

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My Gardenspot RGB ( no white) have the option to set levels of white under turn on & set color. The Osram RGBW Do not give the option to set shade of white. Hue and Osram tunable whites do not give the option.

No rhyme nor reason why RGB lights do, yet RGBW & Tunable whites do not.

That would be awesome, I spent the weekend switching all my lights over to Home Assistant because I was so fed up of not being able to do this - would be great!

Awesome!!! Thanks

This was released today. I just did a quick test at home using Smart Lighting to Turn On & Set Color to Soft White with an OSRAM RGBW bulb and it worked as I expected.


Is there a more robust/official process for announcing enhancements to official SmartThings Smart apps? Like creating a topic in the Announcements section? It would be good if I could subscribe to a certain area of this forum for these enhancement announcements instead of getting lucky on reading an existing topic.

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I already have (and use) the Smart Lighting app; is there something I need to do to get the order to get the update? I confess I’m not familiar with how updates like these work…

I just looked for the new setup option using one of my Hue white ambiance bulbs as a guinea pig, but no joy. Am I doing it right? :upside_down:

Would this change have impacted the color mapping for Hue lights? My warm white lights are not very warm anymore. Suddenly it’s very bright in my house. Previously warm white was much warmer than soft white… now it is much brighter and cooler in color than soft white. Other colors don’t appear to have been affected for me.

The change does impact all lights including hue. Previously some shades of white were incorrect on some devices, now they should be more consistent across the different brands.

See end of this post for an explanation what was changed in the white shades.

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I’m in the UK and don’t yet see this update. Has it. Even pushed to U.K.?


This doesn’t work for Hue White Ambiance lights. With them, I can’t choose the option “Turn On & Set Color.” Is this going to be released for this type of bulb as well or just the full color bulbs? I can now see the “Soft White, Daylight, etc.” for my color lights so I’m pretty sure I at least have the update.


I see what you’re saying and I made sure there is a ticket requesting that functionality assigned to the responsible team.


Awesome! Thanks!