Controlling ADT smart-things with smart-things app

I just purchased an ADT smarthings Alarm and i cannot figure out how to arm and disarm using my Android phone. Im sure is a simple solution but i just cannot figure it out.

any help will be appreciated

It is normally on the dashboard in the smarthings app you have loaded. It is the same reguardless of which app you use. I would still suggest the classic app as it seems to be more flexible.

that is the thing i have tried both apps and thy do not show me an option for arming and disarming.
do i have to set it up?

how long ago did you add it (the Hub) to your smartthings location. Make sure you have the right location selected in the app. Are you in the US.

last week. yes I am in the US. i can see my hub and my sensors but i cannot see the arm/disarm option