Adding Aqara Hub

Trying to add an Aqara hub to Smartthings. Issue seems to be the app having another bug. Try from iPhone with app up to date. I get get hub in pairing and start Smartthings pairing. It sees it right away. I click to add it and get a popup message that a website will open with instructions on what to do next. No website opens so it just sits there and does nothing. Anyone run into this and how to proceed?

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Which model hubs? :thinking:

Also, do you have a galaxy phone or another model, and if so, is it iOS or android?

Make sure the firmware on the aqara hub is up to date.

Aqara M2 and SmartThings 3 both up to date. Seems to be a a Smarthings issue since it saying with a pop up message that a website will open with instruction and one never does.

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Sounds like it. I’d contact SmartThings Support.

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Not sure it is worth it. Have another ticket in for another issue/bug in this version and have never heard back from anyone on it.

I had similar issues.

My M2 was added for ages until an update and then went offline. Removing and trying to add it again just gave me a multitude of errors.

I had a support ticket open with Aqara for about theee weeks in total, and a couple of support sessions with Samsung.

It magically fixed itself after it was removed and we had a 4 hour power outage.

I’d suggest maybe removing it and physically disconnecting the power over night. No idea if this would really work, but it’s the closest to replicating what happened with me. Remember to also remove it from Apple Matter if you have any iOS devices too