Unable to Pair D-Link Camera to ST After Factory Reset

I have three D-Link DCS-522L/B cameras that I’ve loaded to D-Link’s cloud-based service and then also paired to ST via the D-Link Connect app. They regularly have connectivity problems (dropping/rebooting connection every couple of minutes in the evenings and overnight) and two of the cameras disappeared from the network this week. After performing a factory reset on all three of them, I’ve paired two of them back to the ST hub but the app refuses to find the third one. I know, based on the logs, that the hub itself sees the camera, but the D-Link Connect app does not view it as a “found” camera.

It looked like some folks have had this problem in the past and I saw one thread where someone was told by SmartThings staff to open a support ticket. Can someone either tell me how they fixed this issue or where I can open a support ticket?

Many thanks!

Update: It appears to have resolved itself after three days and four factory resets. I don’t know how to delete the post (only edit it) so I’m just leaving an update to it here.