D-Link Camera Integration, Can no longer connect outside of smartthings

I just integrated my D-Link camera with smartthings (worthless without PTZ by the way) and can no longer connect wireless to my camera from the mydlink app (or website) that allows me to actually move the thing around! I’m okay with resetting the camera to factory and reinstalling with D-link, but I won’t re-integrate it with smartthings until I know how to prevent this from happening again. Any tips?

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Alright I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I’m unclear on the distinction between “add an existing camera” or “add a new camera”. Add an existing camera has a simple setup which immediately and permanently says “unavailable” upon completion. Add a new camera has a more robust setup process that involves WPA, which works in smartthings but results in mydlink being unable to connect, nullifying its ability to be panned remotely.

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Are you using the same password in both SmartThings and Dlink?

I am, however my ST is on a different email address than mydlink. Is ST actually logging into mydlink and pulling the data? It seems odd that I’d even need to WPA authenticate if it was just pulling a stream, the verbiage on the password window also are more in line with creating a password than matching one…

I didn’t realize this but I believe after reading that the Smartthings camera driver is constantly streaming your cameras to the cloud so the video is there ready for intrusion …someone else mentioned it and sure enough my 4 cameras increased outgoing data by quite a bit. That is why they limit you to 4 cameras and are eventually going to charge 4 it. I turned mine off till I decide what to do. Maybe only turn them on in away mode. Anyway I digress my cameras still work. Could dlink only allow 1 streaming connection at a time?

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We do not constantly stream video to the cloud. The video is buffered locally and sent to the cloud during Smart Home Monitoring events as clips. A better explanation is located here.

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Please contact support@smartthings.com so we can get you up and running.

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Did you get this resolved? I’m seeing the same issue.