D-link DCS-2310L cameras not connecting

I recently made a post about setting up 4 D-Link DCS-2310L cameras that weren’t getting configured with the SmartThings app. The app wasn’t detecting 2 of the 4 cameras. I was able to set them up later (they just started working without me trying anything new).

Now I am having a different issue. I can connect only one camera to the Smart Things app. The other 3 do not load the video feed and I get an error message saying “Unknown error. Please try again. ErrorCode: 1”. The app does detect the cameras as Active though.

I was able to view the video feed on two of the cameras earlier when I made my first post. This error only started showing up on my recent attempt.

I did upgrade the firmware on all four cameras (just wanted to run the latest firmware - nothing to do with troubleshooting) and assigned a static IP address to each camera.

I also checked the webpages of the working camera and the non-working camera side by side to match all the settings, one tab at a time. After going through all of them I found a couple of disparities which were fixed - but still getting the same error message.

I also added the cameras to my D-link cloud account. I can see the live feed through the cloud on a browser, and also on the my d-link app on my phone.

I can also see the live feed through the cameras’ web pages.

The green LED on the camera is blinking green instead of a solid green, yet this doesn’t seem to have an effect on the video feed on the app and the browser. My phone is a Nexus 6p running the latest version of the Smarth Things app.

Any troubleshooting suggestions? This seems to be an issue on the side of the app.