Unable to Onboard Direct Connected Device in SmartThings App


I’m unable to onboard a direct connected device (esp8266 switch_example) in Smarthings App (I use version on Android).

I navigate to “My Testing Devices” and select the device

  • then phone shows 'Searching for devices, for a few seconds
  • then the phone shows “Prepare your device. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds…” - Onboarding is stuck on this screen.

It looks like phone is not connecting to the softAP network created by esp device.
When navigating to phone wifi settings I can see a wifi network created by the device: test-direct-c_E4fNEh0016AIO2rJX0.

Configuration for device onboarding:

Logs from esp8266 device when it boots, then it stays in this state until it times out.
No additional logs are printed when phone is trying to onboard the device.

I (440) [IoT]: _iot_bsp_fs_encryption(98) > 'nvs' is encrypted
I (455) [IoT]: _dump_device_info(746) > firmware_version: switch_example_001
I (461) [IoT]: iot_bsp_wifi_init(193) > [esp8266] iot_bsp_wifi_init
I (468) system_api: Base MAC address is not set, read default base MAC address from EFUSE
I (481) system_api: Base MAC address is not set, read default base MAC address from EFUSE
phy_version: 1163.0, 665d56c, Jun 24 2020, 10:00:08, RTOS new
I (558) phy_init: phy ver: 1163_0
I (584) [IoT]: iot_bsp_wifi_init(231) > [esp8266] iot_bsp_wifi_init done
I (590) [IoT]: st_conn_init(1134) > stdk_version : 1.8.15
I (595) gpio: GPIO[16]| InputEn: 0| OutputEn: 1| OpenDrain: 0| Pullup: 0| Pulldown: 1| Intr:0 
I (607) gpio: GPIO[13]| InputEn: 0| OutputEn: 1| OpenDrain: 0| Pullup: 0| Pulldown: 0| Intr:0 
I (621) gpio: GPIO[14]| InputEn: 0| OutputEn: 1| OpenDrain: 0| Pullup: 0| Pulldown: 0| Intr:0 
I (635) gpio: GPIO[12]| InputEn: 0| OutputEn: 1| OpenDrain: 0| Pullup: 0| Pulldown: 0| Intr:0 
I (649) gpio: GPIO[5]| InputEn: 1| OutputEn: 0| OpenDrain: 0| Pullup: 1| Pulldown: 0| Intr:3 
I (2667) [IoT]: st_conn_start(1222) > st_conn_start start (no-pin)
I (2677) [IoT]: _do_iot_main_command(586) > curr_main_cmd:0, curr_main_state:0
I (2683) [IoT]: _do_state_updating(435) > current state 0, new state 2
I (2689) [IoT]: iot_bsp_wifi_set_mode(249) > iot_bsp_wifi_set_mode = 1
I (2703) [IoT]: iot_bsp_wifi_set_mode(280) > WiFi Station Started
I (2716) [IoT]: st_conn_start(1274) > st_conn_start done (0)
I (4786) [IoT]: event_handler(182) > event_handler = 1
I (4821) [IoT]: iot_easysetup_create_ssid(91) > >> test-direct-c[rJX0] <<
I (4827) [IoT]: iot_bsp_wifi_set_mode(249) > iot_bsp_wifi_set_mode = 3
I (4840) [IoT]: event_handler(150) > SYSTEM_EVENT_AP_START
I (6739) [IoT]: event_handler(155) > SYSTEM_EVENT_AP_STOP
I (6747) [IoT]: event_handler(150) > SYSTEM_EVENT_AP_START
I (6754) [IoT]: iot_bsp_wifi_set_mode(410) > AP Mode Started
I (6759) [IoT]: iot_easysetup_init(488) > IOT_STATE_PROV_ES_START
I (6766) [IoT]: es_http_init(159) > http tcp init!!
I (6778) [IoT]: iot_easysetup_init(524) > IOT_STATE_PROV_ES_INIT_DONE
I (6785) [IoT]: _do_state_updating(533) > Current timeout : 300000 for 0
status: 2, stat: 1
I (6799) [IoT]: _do_state_updating(573) > Call usr status_cb with 0x102


Hi, @Andrzej
Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

I’ll ask the engineering team about this issue, you never get an error code, right? Because the app only gets stuck

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Hello @nayelyz

Thank you for your reply.

App is on the “Prepare you device” screen for about 5 minutes, then it shows “Something went wrong” screen with text: “Couldn’t find your test-direct-connected-device. Try adding it again…” with error code: 05-300

Hi, @Andrzej
The engineering team asked if you could share the mobile app’s logs, please send them to build@smartthings.com. To get them, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Replicate the issue. In this case try the normal way of onboarding the device and also check if the same happens when you use “Scan nearby” in “Add device”
  2. After trying both ways, both scenarios logs will be registered
  3. Depending on your mobile phone’s OS, these are the ways you can get the logs:


  1. On your mobile device, launch the Phone app (where you make calls) and enter the code *#9900#
  2. On the opened page, click on “Run Dumstate/Logcat”. Wait until it finishes and shows a message with the created file
  3. Then, select the option “Copy to SD card (Include cp Ramdump)”. When it finishes, it will show a success message.
  4. Share the file with us, please. There are two options:
  • From your phone:
  1. Go to Files > internal storage
  2. Find a folder called “log” and search the created file there. Sample name: “dumpState_G950USQU8DUD3_202208162013”
    The last part helps you identify it better because it includes the date and time when it was generated.
  • From a PC. Connect your device to a PC and look for the “log” directory and find the generated file.

For other Android devices:
1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLGcTtYUKBQ
2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUpIcCTI-1s
3- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bo_QAl_VhQ


  1. In the app menu, go to “contact us”
  2. Then, tap on “Error reports”, then click on “next” without selecting a device type
  3. On the opened page, tap 10 times on the title “Error reports” until the prompt to create a log appears.
  4. Click on “ok” and wait for the process to finish. Then, save the generated file in the place you prefer and share it with us

I too am experiencing the same problem.

The cause seems to be that the smartphone app does not attempt to connect to the ESP32 module in softAP state.

Hi, @Gil_Hwan
Have you checked if this also happens when you use “Scan nearby” in “Add device”?
If so, please send the info requested above as well so I can send the info to the engineering team.

device can be searched in “Scan nearby” in “Add device”.
However, when attempting to connect, it is confirmed in the LOG of the ESP32 module that no connection attempt is made between the APP and the module.

I would like to inquire whether the procedure for not connecting the app to the terminal as shown in the attached material is correct.

Hello @nayelyz ,

SmartThings ‘Scan nearby’ is finding my device, then after selecting the device I see the error message “This device isn’t supported in your Samsung account’s country or region. Error code: 07-008”.

The test esp8266 device has all 214 countries selected in ‘Product Info->Availability’ section.

Do you still need a mobile app’s logs? If yes, I will try to submit them.

So, to confirm, was the device discovered? Because you mentioned it didn’t receive a connection attempt…

I asked the engineering team about this, @Andrzej. Once I get their feedback, I’ll let you know if the logs are still necessary.

Hi, everyone.

The engineering team mentioned it is an issue of the ST app, and the release of the fix will start soon, once we get more info about when it’s done, we’ll let you know.

Hello @nayelyz,

Do you know, is the fix is a few days away or more like a week or month away?

Is there a way to onboard (connect) direct connected device with a different method?


Hi, @Andrzej sorry for the delay. The fix for the Android app was released a few days after my reply. Did you receive it?
If so, did you check the behavior in this new version?

Hello @nayelyz ,

I was able to connect :slight_smile:

Many Thanks!

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