Problem with connecting Smartthings App to Direct connected Device

I used the steps in Get Started with Direct Connected Devices in order to connect switch_example on ESP8266 to the Smartthings cloud. After compiling and flashing switch_example app to ESP8266 I try to connect to it through Smartthing App on my phone. But after trying to connect to device it issues error code 38-001. I can see in the terminal that Application connects to Access Point of module and got IP address but after that it leaves device network and doesn’t send my Router information to device. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @fatehi.a5391 can you share with me the mobile logs? I will send you messages with the steps

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Dear @AlejandroPadilla,
I sent the log file to you.

Hi. I have the exact same problem but with a Raspberry Pi. Were you able to fix this problem?

Hi @Morteza_24 the problem was related to network security blocking the connection, but if you share the logs of the device with me by a private message I can ask the team.

For Samsung devices:

  1. On your mobile device, launch the Phone app (where you make calls) and enter the code *#9900#
  2. On the opened page, click on “Run Dumstate/Logcat”. Wait until it finishes and shows a message with the created file
  3. Then, select the option “Copy to SD card (Include cp Ramdump)”. When it finishes, it will show a success message.
  4. Share the file with us, please. There are two options:
    From your phone:
  5. Go to Files > internal storage
  6. Find a folder called “log” and search the created file there. Sample name: “dumpState_G950USQU8DUD3_202208162013”
    The last part helps you identify it better because it includes the date and time when it was generated.
    From a PC. Connect your device to a PC and look for the “log” directory and find the generated file.

For other Android devices:

  1. Mobile Device Logs | Android Device Logs: Prerequisites - YouTube
  2. Mobile Device Logs | Android Device Logs: Windows - YouTube
  3. Mobile Device Logs | Android Studio - YouTube

For iOS devices:

  1. On SmartThings App open the menu section
  2. Click on Contact us
  3. Click on Error reports
  4. Click any device
  5. Now in the title error report press multiple times and a window must be displayed
  6. Click in ok on the Create a log?

Dear @AlejandroPadilla , I sent the log files. Thank you for your time and support.

Dear @AlejandroPadilla,
I still couldn’t find how to solve the problem.Do you think it is related to device side or my phone? Or it is related to my router settings?

The team told me that in the logs that you sent me, the mobile is connected to the device but it is disconnected after 6s the most probable most likely that happens is that the SoftAP is blocked by the network security. I’m not familiar with SoftAP sorry