Unable to Link to ady624/webcore GitHub Repository

(Corey Jackson) #1

I’m trying to get started with webCore and trying to link to the github repository



Any ideas?


( I hate Mondays) #2

Uh-oh, that’s new… anyone else has this problem?

(Corey Jackson) #3

There’s at least one other user who has reported it on github

(Corey Jackson) #4

It’s working now. I disconnected from github (had been authorized for a long time but hadn’t used), and reconnected. Working as expected.

(Martin P) #5

I have the same problem. I’m not sure what they mean by “disconnected” but I logged out of github, logged out of graphapi, logged into github, then graphapi and still no joy. Same message as folks above.

Update: never mind…i see it now in the settings pane. That said, I should have noted the other repository i was connected to because you lose all the previously connected repos.