Unable to extend time away longer than 60 minutes

In the old app I had a routine that changed my mode to traveling if I was away longer than x hours, the advanced option in the member location in automatons has a max of 60 minutes

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Let’s tag @blake.arnold as well. These limitations are pointless.
The new app receives features, like Samsung Find and Weather, what really nobody asked for. But meanwhile basic functionality is just bare minimum, with pointless limitations. (Try to set a Thermostat in Celsius to 19 and a half (19.5), or look at barometric pressure without decimal point precision.)


I’d like for basic functionality that worked in one release not get broken in another newer release…

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I am waiting for the moment, when will someone in a comfy cushioned chair at high management level think, that the design has to be renewed. When was the last design change, about a year ago? We must keep people entertained, they might get used to it too much…

It’s funny to read the reviews on the new app in the Play store, especially if you sort by most recent. There are thousand of 5 star reviews of just “Excellent” or “I loveit” (sic) intermingled with 1 star reviews from people who have obviously used the app to try to control SmartThings.

The reviews kind of make it clear we are not the customer the new app is written for.

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Yes, this another feature I see missing :unamused:

Just to give an update question here as well.

@nayelyz, @erickv

Does the Rules API support hours to do automations like the OP asks?

@Monique, I have just noticed this above your comment.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Monique — their last post was 4 years ago.

And I’ve just thought, how frustrating is it, that anyone who has set up their home with SmartThings years ago and was working without any “issue”, now have to face this whole lot of crap flooding everything (so called the new SmartThings app). It is so inconvenient. And I understand people more and more who have abandoned ST to Hubitat or HA, or any other system.

I was just thinking why none of the companies in IoT or Home Automation industry are not publishing numbers month by month or year by year regarding their customer numbers.

It would be nice to see what decisions made people to change platforms or what hardware or software releases caused major lift ups in user numbers.

@JDRoberts, do you know any statistics about this? Or any public KPIs?

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I have seen very few published for individual companies, and they’re usually announced in the aggregate at their annual meetings. (Which Samsung has done from time to time as well.)

That’s what I thought. Everyone tries to mask their failures and over exaggerate their successes…

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